Here’s what parents and experts say about Culture Cubs:

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Sean Leubin, Head of Chinese Studies, Canadian International School of Hong Kong says:

Culture Cubs transports children, no matter where they are in the world, out of their normal classroom setting and provides them with a series of Chinese cultural and language adventures... It not only generates interest and understanding of Chinese culture amongst our English-speaking children, but also fosters an interest amongst our Chinese-speaking students in learning about Western culture and the English language itself… I have always believed that language teaching should be fun and interactive. Children learn better when they are enjoying themselves and respond well to materials which they can relate to easily.

Lucy Cummings, PhD, London

As a parent who is trying to encourage my children to learn both English and Mandarin, I know how “slim” the choices of bilingual media programming are.  My kids get exhausted and distracted by the high-speed, high-tech “MTV-style” of programming, but are easily bored by the more traditional Mandarin language programming.  This video successfully fills a gap in early-childhood Mandarin/English educational programming with an innovative series that appeals to both parents and kids.   Simply play this video for a room full of 3-4 year olds and their parents and you’ll find both groups to be equally charmed.

Francis Mechner, Ph.D., New York

Culture Cubs is well designed from the educational and motivational standpoint. It develops the learner’s concepts and skills in a way that sustains attention, being sufficiently entertaining (yes, even an adult can enjoy it, and incidentally learn a little Mandarin) to ensure active participation from beginning to end.

I recently purchased your DVD for my daughter (4 years old and adopted from China) and she just loves it. 

Mother of four-year-old adopted from China

After two weeks, I have to admit that the Culture Cubs is by far the most effective medium in getting my son to learn Mandarin

at home.  He started to greet me in Mandarin, and is able to name the fruit featured in the DVD accurately in Mandarin.  He is even able to memorize 80% of the Culture Cub lyrics, and sing along to your theme song.


I bought a copy of your DVD a month or so ago, and my three and a half year old daughter loves it.... Please please please bring out a new DVD as soon as possible!!!!  (and more after that!)

Louise Cooper -- BBC Radio

Culture Cubs makes learning Mandarin fun.  My kids love it so much and speak along with the characters on the screen.

Lisa Chung, mother of 3

My kids love it.  They watch it all the time and repeat all the words.  It really works!

Stefanie Hemshall, Hong Kong mother of 3

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This 30 minute DVD is colorful, interesting and a fun introduction to Mandarin language focusing on animals. It has been one of the favorite DVD's of my 15 month old for many months now and one that I can watch over and over happily myself. Colors, kids, animals, cartoons, China - a great combination. Children beginning from 1 year old seem to really enjoy it. There are 3 in the series with the first one focusing on food and the other one on swimming. They are all great.

Internet review

Watching this video reminded me of Sesame Street introducing Spanish to children way back when. With Mandarin today's "hot" language, this is a fun way to introduce some basic words as well as provide glimpses into Chinese culture. I love the fact that it shows non-Chinese children pronouncing the words, too - good motivation for learning a linguistically tough (for me any way) language!

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